Hi guys, David and David here from upphone.comand toviralideas.me, and in this blog post, we're going to explain what to do when Wi-Ficalling is not working on your iPhone. Wi-Fi calling is great because it lets youmake phone calls using your Wi-Fi connection in areas where there isn't much cell coverage. So it's great, especially if you're on vacation. So it's not working.

It wasn't working on my phone. Right. Sorry to interrupt. The first thing you want to do is just makesure that Wi-Fi is actually on. Otherwise, you can't use Wi-Fi calling.

That makes sense. So, to make sure that Wi-Fi is on on youriPhone, just go to Settings and check out this Wi-Fi here. Make sure that the Wi-Fi switch here is green,and just tap on a network to connect. I'm going to tap back to Settings in the upperleft-hand corner. Yep.

I'm going to assume the Wi-Fi is on. So what's the next step? Well, the next step is to go to Settings -> Cellularand make sure that Wi-Fi calling has been turned on. Right.

So Verizon here — that's my carrier. Wi-Fi calling. I'll just tap on this, and I'm going to turnon the switch next to Wi-Fi calling on this iPhone. Enable Wi-Fi calling. And now this is going to bring up a littlescreen that says, "Where do you want us to send Emergency Services if we can't use GPSon your phone to find your location?"

So when you call 9-1-1... I should read it from this: "It's very importantthat you update your address whenever you change your location because this is the locationthat will be given to Emergency Services when you dial 911 using Wi-Fi calling."

Only if your cell phone is so far out of rangethat it can't get GPS. So either one will try to use GPS. This wasn't working for me though earliertoday. Right. Right.

Well, the first thing we want to say too isthat if your Wireless plan doesn't include Wi-Fi calling, you might not even see thisoption on your iPhone. And if you don't see it here and you thinkyou should have it, contact your carrier.

 But otherwise, yeah... But if you do have it, you turned it on, andit's not working, the next step is to eject your SIM card then reinsert it. And that's what fixed it for me earlier today. So I'm gonna have to take off my case. You got it. Yeah.

That's how you know it's a good case. It's impossible to take off. It's not loose. All right. So you have to find the SIM card tray slot,which is on the side of your iPhone. Yep. There's just a little hole. You can use a paper clip — undo the paperclip. We have a fancy SIM card ejector tool. Just stick it in the little hole and applypressure. Don't be afraid to press down.

You'll see the no SIM card installed warningon your iPhone and say okay to that. Then you can lose your SIM card. Yeah. Lose your SIM card and it's gone forever. Yeah. Just pop it back in, and just doing this forcesyour iPhone...

You'll see that I'm on Verizon, but rightnow it says No SIM and Verizon's gone. It forces your iPhone to disconnect and thenreconnect to the cellular network, and for me, that was enough to get Wi-Fi calling unstuckand let me actually set it up, which I haven't done yet.

 But I wanted to show you how that happens. Sure. And if that doesn't work, the next step isto Reset Network Settings on your iPhone. That will erase the Cellular Settings, Wi-FiSettings, Bluetooth Settings, and VPN Settings, reset them to factory defaults.

So make sure you write down your Wi-Fi passwordsbefore you Reset Network Settings, but that should definitely get it unstuck.

I saw a warning too on my phone that saidyou got to go to Verizon and talk to them. But really I hope that you're not doing that. That's probably the last step you should take. Yeah, definitely. How do you do the Reset Network Settings?

Go to Settings. Okay. I'm going to head back to the main Settingsmenu, tap General. Scroll all the way down. Tap Reset.

 Reset Retwork Settings and enter your passcode. So if you Reset Network Settings and it didn'twork, it's probably time to contact your wireless carrier.

 Just Google your carrier name + customer service. Usually the first thing that comes up willbe the phone number.

 Give them a call, or if you really want Wi-Ficalling, maybe you want to switch to a plan with Wi-Fi calling. Check out the UpPhone cell phone comparisontool. Yeah! Get the plan that I have: the Verizon prepaidplan, which is 6 gigs — 6 gigs for what, $40 a month? Yeah.

 They have it during their special double thedata bonus month. Right, and the five dollar discount bringsit down to $35.

Great deal. Great deal on Verizon. So that's what to do when Wi-Fi calling isn'tworking in your iPhone. Thank you guys for watching this video.

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