Hi I'm Serge Siou and welcome to MacStudioA. In this episode, How To Delete All Mail onan iPad. Before starting the demo
It's important tonote the following: For your chosen email account, if you havemany, all checked and unchecked mail messages from the native Mail app on the iPad, willbe deleted. Make sure that messages you want to keep,is moved to an appropriate mailbox.

Deleting hundreds or thousands of messagescould take some time. Onwards with the demo. Sooooo, Let's Get Started. The first thing to do, is to check the settingsof the email account that you’ll be using. Simply open Settings, and select Mail, Contacts,Calendars.

Choose the Email Account that you’ll be working on. Then, tap on Account. And check that discarded messages is movedto the Deleted Mailbox option. And that the Deleted Mailbox, is using theTrash mailbox, on the server of the email account. Furthermore; make sure to tap Done, to saveany changes that were made, as shown.

Once the Settings has been checked, open theMail app and select the email account you just checked in Settings. Now for the important parts. Make sure to Mark all unchecked messages asread.

Tap edit, then on Mark All and choose Mark as Read. Next, tap on Edit again and Mark the firstmessage. Now, with one hand, place and hold down onthe Move option with one finger, as shown. With the other hand, un-mark the first message,then lift your finger off the Move option. If you have performed the shown procedurescorrectly, you should see the message area turn grey. It is now important that you Do Not Touchany area of the screen, until you see a stack of messages, as shown on this screen shot. It could take sometime to prepare your messagesfor deletion, especially if you have many messages.

 Now, once you see the stack of messages, simplyTap on Trash, and instantly, all messages is moved to the Trash. Finally, to delete all the messages in theTrash, go to the Account heading of your email, then select Trash, Edit, and Delete All, asshown. And that’s all there is to it. Thanks for watching and thumbs-up if you likedthis video, and please, don't forget to subscribe to be notified of the next episode. Thanks and Peace. 

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